About Us


Registered as a non-profit organization and founded in 2010 by Tebogo Sithathu, a founding-member of the popular ‘TWINS group and now a Gospel-singer himself, he engaged well known Gospel Artists namely, Kholeka Sosibo, Deborah Fraser, Winnie Mashaba, Solly Moholo among others, and subsequently elected at an inaugural Annual General Meeting(AGM) as board members of this GMA.

Our Business

Gospel Music Association is a home and a custodian of all Gospel Artists in South Africa. We organize, lobby, advocate, promote and develop the Gospel music industry of South Africa in its entirety.

1. Strategy

Vision statement

To contribute meaningfully towards the development of a transformed, peaceful, just and caring society including creation of positive-values.

Mission statement

To be the voice and ensure proper representation of Gospel musicians in the music industry corporate and government as well as mainstreaming this genre to occupy its rightful place in the centre of the music industry.

2. Values


  • Accountability: actions plans will be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.
  • Quality: provision and services will be of a consistently high quality appropriate to the industry and partners.
  • Integrity: all programmes will be rendered in honesty, speedily and timeously towards the up-liftment and  development of the Artists.
  • Partnership: working in partnership is fundamental to achieving the vision, aims and objectives of this strategy.
  • Equality of Opportunities: relevant opportunities will be accessible to all sections of the Gospel-community. No Artist will be disadvantaged or excluded because of gender, ethnicity, social disadvantaged or disability.

In addition to the guiding principles of GMA, the association will use arts, culture and heritage sector to realise the following principles:

    • Creating opportunities for Gospel Artists to PARTICIPATE in shaping South Africa ‘s identity and values.
    •  Promoting Artists ENGAGEMENT and INVOLVEMENT in SOCIO-ECONOMIC activities
    •  Build and support inter-generational COLLABORATIONS, EXCHANGES and strengthened PARTNERSHIPS
    • Empower Artists through creation and support of inter-generational social NETWORKS
    • Realising the role of disseminating INFORMATION to Artists, as critical to their meaningful development and that of society.

All activities within this strategy will conform to the relevant and related legislative framework.

3. Business goals & objectives

    • To enhance the development and economic-growth of gospel music.
    • To forge links and partnerships with corporates, government and civil-society for the development of South African society.
    • To organize the gospel-music industry in South Africa and promote the Gospel.

4. Business strategy

Sustainability, Integration, resource-sharing, capacity-building and partnerships for greater and better impact.

5. Economic intent

GMA is not for profit making, but must ensure sustainability at all times.

6. Business concept

(a) Products

    •  Gospel music recordings
    •  Events
    •  Live-Performances
    •  Capacity building workshops
    •  Lobbying
    •  Advocacy
    •  Promotion
    •  Related business

(b) Services

    •  Community, Social and Artistic Services.